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The i-Trace collective (http://i-trace.fr/) is composed of three French creators: Serge Bouchardon, researcher and author, Vincent Volckaert, engineer and author and Hervé Zénouda, researcher and musician. Luc Dall’Armellina, author, designer and researcher joined them in 2013 for the Separation project. The collective's creations are presented in Europe and America, and published in online magazines. Their creation Loss of Grasp (http://lossofgrasp.com) won the New Media writing Prize 2011.
Loss of Grasp (2010) Loss of Grasp (2010)
Loss of grasp is an online digital creation about the notions of grasp and control. Under which circumstances do we feel we have a grip on our life or not ? Six scenes feature a character who is losing grasp. At the same time, this play on grasp and loss of grasp mirrors the reader's experience of an interactive digital work.
changeEverything (2011) changeEverything (2011)
What is a synonym? Sometimes, we pick the wrong word. ChangeEverything is a web app based on the naive belief that every word can be replaced by one of its synonyms. Using a live connection to a remote thesaurus, ChangeEverything provides variation on a text slowly straying from the original phrase to a perfect non-sense. Click after click, the user provokes a progressive drift in meaning. The user is also invited to take part in the random selection of synonyms. When pressing the mouse longer, a list of synonyms will appear, enabling the user to pick the version he or she prefers.
Opacity (2012) Opacity (2012)
Opacity is a 4-part short interactive story. We live in an age of obsession with transparency especially in politics and business. But in our personal relationships, what is the point of being transparent to oneself and to others ? The following interactive narrative commends a kind of opacity which is meant as an in-between. It is the story of a journey from a dream of transparency to a desire for opacity.
Separation (2015) Separation (2015)
Since 2013, a research and creation project has been conducted in partnership with the ALIS company and the University of Technology of Compiegne. The project builds on an artistic practice invented by Pierre Fourny, founder of ALIS, entitled Two Half-Words Poetry (or Cutting-edge Poetry...). This particular practice makes it possible to create sequences based on the idea that words which are halved horizontally, contain the half of other words. Within the context of the project, several applications for PC and for small screens (tablets and smartphones) have been developed.